Baby Corn

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Introduction of Baby Corn Baby Corn maize is one of the valued vegetables gaining popularity throughout the world including in India. What is baby corn? It is nothing but “cobs removed within 4 to 5 days after their emergence”. Baby corn cultivation or methods are similar to regular commercial maize cultivation practices. The only difference is the harvesting period or duration of the crop.
Baby corn crop duration is about 2 months whereas regular corn/maize crop duration is 4 months. In India, Baby corn consumed as fresh vegetable in curries, pickles, pulav, soups, salads and snacks. Baby corn is rich in ber and phosphorus. This vegetable is low in calories and free cholesterol.

Following are the health benefits of baby corn.

  • Baby corn is a low calorie vegetable.
  • Baby corn helps in weight management.
  • Baby corn is a low-carb, high fiber, fat-free vegetable.
  • Baby corn is nutrient-rich and good source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Baby corn has low glycemic index than regular corn.
  • Hence good for controlling blood sugar levels.